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From the Komen Race yesterday. What a great finish for an awesome cause! ... See MoreSee Less

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Allison White GreenupKC here. Coming into town in a week to see the folks.1 year ago
Cecile Whodat BurrPlease protect critical services for people with disabilities. SB355 would provide this protection5 months ago
Teresa Bourgeois WilcoxIt is a matter of our survival! The lives of my children are not worth any amount of jobs! Keep the industry but protect our citizens, our environment and our culture! months ago
Leslie H. QuinnI'm confused.1 year ago
Amy ColbyNot now...1 year ago
Robin Bracken FainI'm here! Are you?1 year ago
Jessica BrackenWhere is there??1 year ago
Janice R HarperYep1 year ago
Mike MeeksYep!1 year ago
Gail Cobb BarnettMaybe....1 year ago
Lucy Salinas HoltzclawNope1 year ago
Deanna Jones NormanMe too1 year ago
Dianne GuillotMe - what you need?1 year ago

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Mike Walsworth - State SenatorPlease watch my video updates from the capital1 year ago
Jeff SmithHow did an idiot like you get elected Senator? <iframe width="560" height="315" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>11 months ago
Vicki Knight KellyWow, Chad. Didn't expect such a knee-jerk reaction to my expression of faith. Sorry your god has let you down. Not sure what/who you serve but the true God has kept His word. God doesn't get to be God because He does what you think He should - that would make you god. BTW, science is a result of a Christian creationism worldview. God created things orderly and lawful which allows science experiments to actually produce predictable results. This leads to a hypothesis and eventually a law. My God has done a lot for me (and you). The sun came up this morning which meant that grass for the animals and crops would grow. The plants used the wonderful sunshine to produce food for themselves and give off oxygen so I could breathe. It rained at my house today - another blessing. My family and I traveled safely to church where we prayed. God heard us. I am able to speak freely of my love for God and His goodness to me, my family, and my nation. I am able to read His word to my children and teach them to love God with all their heart and love their neighbor as themselves (even those who don't share their faith). I have the freedom to participate in the government of this blessed nation. You and I both have been given many blessings. The key is not to waste them.1 year ago
Chad WhetmanVicki, you are so correct! People have kicked God out of our education system and our decision making processes. This is what has ultimately led to our ability to cure diseases, feed more of the hungry by predicting weather patterns and grow crops accordingly, Space travel is not just a dream (because try to pray a rocketship into space, it won't work), and so many other things. Meanwhile god has done nothing for anyone lately, or I would contend ever. How many kids killed in tornados in the last month or so? If he has the ability to stop it and does not, he should not be called a god.1 year ago
Vicki Knight KellyLove the updates! I've been watching live online but the updates are great to summarize anything I missed. Would love to get an update on where things stand with Common Core and Senator Appel's SB130. Also, I am not sure what the motivation behind SB222 was so can you please explain the circumstances that led to its creation? As a homeschooling mom I am concerned about the direction I see education going in our state. Even though every thing discussed now applies to public schools, I know that it will make its way to homeschoolers eventually. I am alarmed that so many decisions about our children are being made without our input. I am not a believer in the "it takes a village" philosophy. I believe it takes God, and it seems a majority of people have kicked Him out of their decision making. Thanks for your hard work and the updates.1 year ago

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