Mike’s Mission

Mike’s focus as a public servant is two fold:

  1. Striving to make Louisiana a better place to live, work and play
  2. Working to retain our state’s greatest asset, our kids, by improving both our business climate and educational system


The reality is that no politician can create jobs (unless we grow the government), but it is possible to create a business friendly climate through tax reform, workforce development, infrastructure investment, transparency, and improved regulatory processes. By focusing on these principals, we are able to reduce the unnecessary management burdens on the real job creators, business & industry.

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The educational system in this country was built from the ground up so it does not make sense for it to be run from the top down. Local school boards, principals, teachers and parents know what the children of their communities need to be successful, and it is the state’s job to assist them with their mission to educate our children.

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Resource Management

As the Chairman of the Senate Committee on Environmental Quality, I am working with my fellow senators to take a common sense approach to the management of our state’s natural resources, but is also important for us to appropriately manage the other resources of our state such as our intellectual capital, financial resources, etc. To do this effectively, all legislative and regulatory decisions must be run through a comprehensive cost/benefit analysis to quantify the economic impact of a particular decision.

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